Licensing Credential
Florida Licensed Midwives are primary maternity care providers for
women with low risk pregnancies.  They may work to meet their
communities’ needs in a variety of settings including home birth practices,
birth centers, clinics and hospitals; and are eligible to be Medicaid providers.

In conjunction with a physician, Florida Licensed Midwives may also provide
collaborative prenatal and postpartal care for women whose pregnancies
have been screened as “at-risk”.

Florida Law requires a three year educational program that provides the
knowledge and skills essential for practice as  a Licensed Midwife.

The Licensed Midwife’s education incorporates the core competencies of the
Midwives Alliance of North America and the American College of Nurse
Midwives.  In Florida, Licensed Midwives are regulated by the Agency for
Health Care Administration and Licensed by the State.

Licensed Midwives are trained and equipped to recognize complications and
provide appropriate treatment or transfer to a hospital when necessary.